Nobel laureate Montagnier takes homeopathy seriously – review

In a truly remarkable interview published in SCIENCE magazine of 24 December, Professor Luc Montagnier, a French virologist who co-discovered HIV and who won the Nobel Prize in 2008, describes his newest work that has significant implications on homeopathy.

A small report by Dr. G. Srinivasulu is published in DREAMS, issue 6.

Montagnier, who is also founder and president of the World Foundation for AIDS Research and Prevention, makes the following strong statement for homeopathy and homeopathic doses: “I can’t say that homeopathy is right in everything. What I can say now is that the high dilutions are right. High dilutions of something are not nothing. They are water structures which mimic the original molecules.”

In a study that was published in 2009, Montagnier demonstrated that some bacterial DNA sequences are able to induce electromagnetic waves, even at high aqueous dilutions up to 10^18. This study was an important contribution to the growing evidence base in fundamental research with direct relevance to homeopathy.

Dr. Anil Singhal, MD (Homeopathy)

Nobel laureate Montagnier takes homeopathy seriously – review
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  1. Hello,
    In 1996 an explanation of the phenoma has been reported and modeled in quantum physics.
    Much early by Gourvitch in Ussr

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