New Job Opening: Mathematical Statistician (Biomedical Research)

Mathematical statistics is the study of statistics from a mathematical standpoint, using probability theory as well as other branches of mathematics such as linear algebra and analysis. The term “mathematical statistics” is closely related to the term “statistical theory” but also embraces modelling for actuarial science and non-statistical probability theory, particularly in Scandinavia.

As a Mathematical Statistician (Biomedical Research), you will:

  • Serve as an expert advisor to the NCCAM and to other governmental and non-governmental research groups in areas relating to the development and application of statistical techniques to research in the biological and medical sciences.
  • Maintain current knowledge of relevant new developments in statistical research and computing.
  • Take a leading role in research projects, often in collaboration with others, in the application or modifications of mathematical statistics required for data analysis or for statistical investigations.
  • Provide consultation in the design and analysis of NCCAM intramural and extramural studies.


New Job Opening: Mathematical Statistician (Biomedical Research)

Dr. Anil Singhal, MD (Homeopathy)

New Job Opening: Mathematical Statistician (Biomedical Research)
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