Importance of nails in homeopathy

Nails are the horny epidermal derivative covering the dorsal aspect of the terminal phalanx of each finger and toe. The nails start to develop in the fetus by the end of the third month, and are formed from the same epidermal tissue as the skin. They reach the ends of the fingers and toes about a month before birth. Beauty of nails tells story of internal health or derangement of vitality of a man.

A physician may collect a lot of information about sick by fine examination of the nail of a person.

Dr. Upendra Mani Tripathi in his aricle described different pathologies related to human nails in various disease conditions.

Homeopathically, he evaluated miasmatic cleavage of nails conditions:

Blue, the cold colour correspond to psora,

Yellow, the loud colour to sycosis,

Red, to syphilis

SYPHILIS– Spoon-shaped and paper-thin nails in latent stage.

Show inflammatory changes due to syphilis & tuberculosis.

(Thin nails with white markings are tubercular)


PSORA- Whitlow, paronychia, eczema, psoriasis.

SYCOSIS- Thick, ridgy and corrugated nails.exfoliative eczema, lichen, tinea infection, all forms of ringworms (suppression brings rheumatism, respiratory and mania, melancholia, hysteria in women),

Psoriasios has gouty element so characteristic of sycosis

TUBERCULAR– Nails of these patients are brittle, break easily, often hang nails, thin bend easily, spotted or white specks, paronychia, . Often nail drops off and grow again.

Dr. Upendra Mani Tripathi suggested certain homeopathic medicines/remedies but the final selection should be done on the basis of totality. Other symptoms of the remedy should be checked before prescription.


Acid flour– brittle nail broken easily, grow timely.

Saniquila– nail bite in weak children, enuresis.

Calcarea carb– spotted, rough nails.

Graphites– nails are black, hard, and thick, like horn of cow.

Thuja– mis shaped, brittle, may be soft nail, grow inside nail folds.

And other remedies : Amm.brom., Amm. Carb., Antm. Crud., Berb. Vulg., Hypericum, Nat mur., Nitric acid, Oxallic acid, Sepia, Silicea, Stann.m., Wisbaden


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