Leucoderma or Vitiligo: A Melanin’s Intimidation – review

A healthy skin is a source of pleasure, not only to its own but also to the one who looks at it. Everybody longs for blooming, glowing and healthy skin that greatly shapes the personality of a person.

Vitiligo is an idiopathic acquired circumscribed hypomelanosis and is characterized by localized or segmental (one or more dermatomes) or generalized white patches on the skin. Every case of Vitiligo calls for study of the patient’s constitution which includes various aspects of his as well as the in-depth study of the mental sphere such as emotions, psycho-social background, behaviour and personality pattern etc.

Homoeopathy is nothing but analysis and evaluation of such factors affecting the human constitution to determine the disease, diagnosis and the exact treatment in turn.

Dr. Navneet Bidani presented a case of 14 yr old boy with vitiligo that got a favourable response after receiving a simillimum – a homeopathic medicine.

The author analysed the mind symptoms of the child and 9 symptoms were related to mind out of 12 rubrics he considered for repertorisation. He prescribed Silicea homeopathic medicine in various potencies (1M, 10M, CM) for one year. Patient was relieved of his vitiligo problem.

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Leucoderma or Vitiligo: A Melanin’s Intimidation – review
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