Homoeo Miracle Journal of HMSAI

HOMOEO MIRACLE is the first of its kind in the field of homoeopathic journals, being arranged by the STUDENTS of homeopathic medical colleges, under the banner of Homoeopathic Medical Students Association of India now known as HMSAI.


It is destined to be published quarterly from October 2010. This journal is for the students, of the students and by the students of Homoeopathy from all over India.

Now is the time of awakening of all the students of homoeopathic medical colleges to stand for real homoeopathy and fight against the pseudo homoeopathy for which practitioner is the dire detrimental object to the way of advancement of homoeopathy in our country as well as abroad. If the base of homoeopathic education is not built correctly on the strong edifice of homoeopathic principles, the possible of creating good homoeopath is far away.


This journal is meant to be the strong platform for the students to express their views, difficulties and distress in the realm of homoeopathic education.


It is hoped this Journal will be endeared to students and it will stand the beacon light to them for further voyage in perilous sea of practice.


Homoeo Miracle
A mouth piece of Homoeopathic Medical Students Association of India

A quarterly homoeopathic journal
Subscription: Rs 100/ only for one year (4 issues)

Managing Editor
homoeomiracle (@) hotmail.com


Address for Correspondence & Subscription

Article, News, Books for reviews, Advertisements & letters to editor are to be sent to:

651, Yadav Colony Jabalpur, MP. 482002

Email: homoeomiracle@hotmail.com


Contact: Amit Pandey
B.Sc, B.H.M.S.
Managing Editor
Mobile: 09893735331

Note:For subscription You may send Rs 100/- (for one year) MO/DD in favour of “HOMOEO MIRACLE” payable at Jabalpur, MP.


Dr. Anil Singhal, MD (Homeopathy)

Homoeo Miracle Journal of HMSAI
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