A case of psoriasis cured with homeopathic medicine arsenic alb

Chronic, recurrent skin disorder with reddish, slightly elevated patches or bumps covered with silvery-white scales is descriptive of skin medical condition termed as PSORIASIS. Spots may coalesce into large patches around a normal area. Skin injury, infection, stress, and certain drugs may trigger psoriasis. Skin cells move at an accelerated rate from the dermis into the epidermis, where they slough off, causing inflammation.

If the nails are involved, they may become pitted, thick, and separated from the nail bed.

Editor-in-chief of Homoeo Miracle Dr. S.C. Mishra has published a small clinical case of psoriasis in the issue of Homoeo Miracle. Dr Mishra nicely highlighted a keynote of a homeopathic medicine into his patient. The way homeopathy can create miracle is explained by him.

A patient with psoriasis for 5 yrs visited Dr Mishra. Patient was quiet, mild, peace loving and submissive. He was generally in good health and had no other trouble except this embarrassing skin disease. He complained of aggravation of it in every winter.

There was no specific modality except that the itching was relieved by heat. On this particular modality, Dr Mishra prescribed one dose of Arsenic alb 200.

Beginning with some relief, patient reported eruptions coming back after some time. With a view to eradicating the ill effects of his past illnesses, Dr Mishra prescribed some nosodes intermittently.

Further, doses of Ars alb.200 were given, and the psoriasis skin lesion cleared completely.


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Dr. Anil Singhal, MD (Homeopathy)

A case of psoriasis cured with homeopathic medicine arsenic alb
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