1st International Homeopathy Conference – Indore

“Homeopathy is not limited to the treatment of cough and cold only, it can cure deadly diseases like cancer also,” Dr AK Dwivedi said. He was addressing the media on the 1st International Homeopathy Conference to be held from March 6.

“Homeopathy experts from across the globe will participate in the conference to discuss treatments of various deadly diseases without any side effects. The conference will be the first ever in the 50 years history of Homeopathy,” Dr Dwivedi said.

He said that director and principal of Hahnemann College of Homeopathy, UK, Dr Shashimohan Sharma will be the chief guest.

“Experts will discuss about the treatment of diabetes through Homeopathy on the first day of the conference and will discuss about depression on the second day,” he added.

Dr Anwar Ansari of Mumbai will discuss about the treatment of cancer, Dr Subhash Singh of Kolkata will discuss about Homeopathic prescription and Dr Nishant Jain of New Delhi will discuss about quality control in Homeopathy manufacturing.

Dr Dwivedi also said that they will felicitate the students of Homeopathy for their meritorious performance in exams.

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